5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Sink Water Filter

Woman fills glass with clean water from sink connected to whole house water filters

The water filter under your kitchen sink cleans the water coming from your faucet, but what about the water in your kids’ sinks, your showers, or the water in your washing machine? Water tainted with harmful chemicals can still be making its way through other places in your home besides your kitchen sink.

If you want better peace of mind about the water that is running throughout the rest of your home, then it may be time to consider upgrading your under sink water filter to a complete home water filtration system. Here are five reasons why you need clean water in all parts of your home, and not just in your kitchen.

1. Eliminate More Than Just Bad Taste

Even though your under sink water filter is taking the bad taste and smell out of your tap water, it could be leaving harmful chemicals such as rust and sediment. These particles can be visible in your drinking water, and can be a result of hard water build up in your under sink filter. Upgrading from a single under sink filter to a whole-house filtration system can eliminate particles and will help protect your appliances from rust and other damaging particles caused by hard water.

2. Save Money You Didn’t Know You Were Spending

Installing an under sink water filter does carry the benefit of eliminating the need for buying water bottles. Although this does save the costs of purchasing bottled water from the store, you could be saving more money on your detergents, soaps and even your energy bills. If you are only filtering the water coming through your kitchen sink to ensure better drinking water, hard minerals can still be in your shower, dishwasher, washing machine and other appliances in your home.

If you feel like you are constantly running low on soap, it may be because your water may be too hard and the ions in the hard water are not reacting well with it. By upgrading to a complete home water filtration system, you will be able to notice how your body wash and hair products lather easier, meaning you can use less soap and that your beauty care products last longer – saving you money.

Also, your appliances will run more efficiently if using softer water. If you want to bring down your energy bill, running your dishwasher and washing machine on cold soft water can achieve the same, if not better results than using hot water.

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3. Plumbing Costs Will Diminish

Relying only on point-of-use filters such as an under sink filter can become costly with replacement, repair and plumbing costs. Running hard water through your shower heads, faucets and drains will cause lime and scale build up.

Not only does this clog your pipes, but hard water reduces the overall lifespan of your appliances and fixtures that work on running water. Soft water will reduce the time and money you find yourself spending on maintaining your home’s plumbing.

4. You Shouldn’t Settle for One Filtration Media

Why have one filter that only cleans a specific chemical, or only softens your water? At Guardian Water Services, when upgrading to our complete home water refiner, all the water that enters your home will go not through one, but four separate filtration medias.

Do not settle for partially-clean water when you can rest assured that the water you are letting your children drink and bathe in has been thoroughly filtered to ensure clean, soft water all throughout your home.

5. Enjoy the Beauty Benefits of Soft Water in Your Shower

You already enjoy the benefits of drinking cleaner water with your under sink filter, but clean soft water can also benefit your skin and hair. Softer, more refined water in your bath and shower means hydrated, silky skin leaving you to feeling refreshed after every shower. The calcium and magnesium in hard water prevent soap, and even laundry detergent from fully dissolving which can leave a layer of soap scum on your skin. This residue can also clog your pores, leading to skin conditions like acne or eczema. By switching to a full home water refiner, the softer water will completely wash away all soap and residue leaving you with healthier, happier skin and hair.

When you upgrade your in-home water filter to a Guardian filtration system, you will immediately see and enjoy the benefits of cleaner, softer water. Invest in confidence and trust that the water in your household is safe for your family. Curious to know what’s in your water? Schedule a free, in home water quality test and find out!


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