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Are you noticing these common water problems around your home?

  • Bad smelling and/or tasting drinking water
  • Dry and dull skin and hair
  • Scaling and mineral build up in appliances
  • Hard water stains on dishes and fixtures

With a Guardian water refiner, you’ll notice these benefits instead:

  • Clean, tasty water for drinking and cooking
  • Soft water to help maintain healthy hair and skin
  • Efficient and long-lasting appliances and plumbing
  • Clean dishes and laundry with minimal soap use

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How it works

Here’s how the innovative four-step filtering process of each Guardian water refiner cleans and softens your entire home’s water:

Guardian Water Services Water Softener System

The high microporosity granular activated carbon reduces chlorine, unpleasant taste, and color.


The BlackCat® ion exchange media removes iron and hardness-causing minerals.


The Bacteriostat 55 inhibits bacteria growth and reduces heavy metals.


The garnet filtration media provides 20 micron sediment filtration and even distribution of water flow.

Guardian Water Services Ratings & Reviews

Honest prices and great customer service!

Everything was very easy! Honest prices and great customer service do what is needed to help customer at every turn. Professional installers who explain everything to you. Just a wonderful experience all the way around. Highly recommend Guardian Water Services.

— Alex Carry
Google Reviewer

The installation was flawless!

We cannot say enough good about the experience we had with Guardian Water Services. gave us knowledge about softeners when we had none. John worked with us and made sure we had the right product. The installation was flawless. The water taste is very good! Very pleased Thanks.

— Arnold Perry
Google Reviewer

Very satisfied with the professional setup of my water softener!

These guys are fantastic. Customer service at its best. Friendly and courteous, sometimes hard to find these days. One on one service, to find what fits your needs. Very satisfied with the professional setup of my water softener and reverse osmosis system. Everything was explained and answered any and all questions. Highly recommend Guardian Water Services.

— Margo Jimenez
Google Reviewer

Professional in the installation, testing, and delivery of the system

I selected Guardian Water Services over two other contractors for a water softener system install as their estimate was more competitive and more professionally conducted. was thoroughly professional in the installation, testing, and delivery of the system. I can only recommend and encourage others to utilize their service.

— Rande Toni
Google Reviewer