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Home Water Filtration System

How it works

Our water experts will show you how our home water filtration system equipment gets the job done.

Each Guardian Home Water Filtration System and Water Refiner contains four separate filtration medias

See how each media refines, cleans and softens your entire home's water.

Water softener system stage one: High microporosity granular activated carbon

High Microporosity Granular Activated Carbon

Reduces chlorine, unpleasant taste and odor.

The high microporosity of the carbon’s pores allows this first media to trap microscopic particles and large organic molecules, while the activated surface areas cling to, or absorb, small organic molecules. Another great benefit of using carbon in your water filter is that it removes free chlorine, thus eliminating the chlorine taste from your water and protecting the other purification media in the system that may be sensitive to an oxidant such as chlorine. Carbon also has a long life and water capacity. In fact, one pound of activated carbon provides anywhere from 60 to 150 acres of surface area! That means large amounts of water filter through the system in no time.

Water softener system stage two: BlackCat ion exchange media

BlackCat® Ion Exchange Media

Removes iron and hardness-causing minerals.

This ion exchange media is an engineered synthetic resin that is made up of small beads that are electrically charged to attract positively charged ions from your water. These beads continuously attract hardness ions such as calcium and magnesium from your water and exchanges sodium ions in return. This stage removes undesirable hardness ions and reduces clear water iron. Hardness ions interfere with the action of soaps, build up limescale deposits which can foul plumbing, shorten the life of water using appliances, etch glass, stemware and flatware, stain fixtures and faucets and accelerate galvanic corrosion.

Water softener system stage three: Bacteriostat 55

Bacteriostat 55

Inhibits bacteria growth and reduces heavy metals.

This patented media controls scale, bacteria, fungi, and algae. It is capable of removing up to 99% of water-soluble lead, mercury, nickel, chromium, and other dissolved metals. The science behind this patented media is impressive. It creates an electrochemical reaction solution, known as redox, which transfers electrons between molecules, thus forming new particles. Some harmful contaminants change into harmless components. Free chlorine, for instance, is turned into benign, water-soluble chloride.

Water softener system stage four: Garnet filtration media

Garnet Filtration Media

Provides 20 micron sediment filtration and even distribution of water flow.

When the system completes the water filtration process, the garnet filtration media ensures the water is as clear as possible and free of sediment before reaching your home. This step also enhances the surface area of the lower distributor so that water channeling reduces as water flows downward through the refiner.

The Innovative Features of Guardian Equipment

Guardian Water Services Water Softener System

EcoFlow Regeneration

The self-cleaning process that uses a computer to control the water flow and regenerant strength in order to maximize the efficiency of the cleaning process.

7 Step Cleaning Sequence

A low electric current is sent through two built-in titanium plates which causes a molecular reaction creating a special cleansing solution. This decontamination solution effectively inhibits bacteria growth within the media bed.

Refined Water Brining

Cleaning the system with treated water extends the life of the filtering media and ensures optimum water refining quality and capacity.

Calendar Override

Ensures the refiner is kept in a fresh clean state, even when it’s not in use. This feature enables the system to go into regeneration after a predetermined number of days, even if the metered water usage hasn’t triggered an automatic regeneration.

Minimum 1" Controller & Distributor

Allows for very high flow rates enabling the system to keep up with high levels of water usage in the home.


Your system’s computer will be programed with many water quality and system capacity settings which are stored in NOVRAM. So if the system loses power, even for days, or weeks, no service call will be required to reprogram the system once power is restored.

Backup Capacitor

Provides backup power should power be lost. Less sophisticated systems require batteries which inevitably wear out if they aren’t charged annually.

Guardian Water Services Ratings & Reviews

Honest prices and great customer service!

Everything was very easy! Honest prices and great customer service do what is needed to help customer at every turn. Professional installers who explain everything to you. Just a wonderful experience all the way around. Highly recommend Guardian Water Services.

— Alex Carry
Google Reviewer

The installation was flawless!

We cannot say enough good about the experience we had with Guardian Water Services. gave us knowledge about softeners when we had none. John worked with us and made sure we had the right product. The installation was flawless. The water taste is very good! Very pleased Thanks.

— Arnold Perry
Google Reviewer

Very satisfied with the professional setup of my water softener!

These guys are fantastic. Customer service at its best. Friendly and courteous, sometimes hard to find these days. One on one service, to find what fits your needs. Very satisfied with the professional setup of my water softener and reverse osmosis system. Everything was explained and answered any and all questions. Highly recommend Guardian Water Services.

— Margo Jimenez
Google Reviewer

Professional in the installation, testing, and delivery of the system

I selected Guardian Water Services over two other contractors for a water softener system install as their estimate was more competitive and more professionally conducted. was thoroughly professional in the installation, testing, and delivery of the system. I can only recommend and encourage others to utilize their service.

— Rande Toni
Google Reviewer

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