3 Benefits of a Laundry Water Softener

Clean soft clothes halfway unloaded from washing machine on water softener system

If you’ve ever noticed your clothes feeling run-down and rough after a wash, it might be time to install a laundry water softener for your washing machine. The effects of hard water go beyond ruining your clothes, towels, and linens. Hard water can leave your clothes feeling dirty after a wash, make your machine run worse with each wash, and cost you more with each load of laundry. Fortunately, with a laundry water softener, the stress of any potential damage to your washing machine, as well as your fabric materials, is washed away. Here are three benefits to installing a laundry water softener in your home:

1. Protect Your Clothes

Washing your clothes is more than just throwing them in the washing machine, adding in some detergent, and pressing a few buttons. While all those steps are necessary to getting clean laundry, hard water can strip the benefits of this simple task. Calcium and magnesium, the two minerals found in hard water, don’t exactly mesh well with cleaning products. They prevent water from mixing with detergent to make a solution, which ultimately will result in soap scum. The white, chalky substance that is left behind will leave your clothes dull, discolored, and dingy. The residue on your clothing will attract and hold more dirt, which can irritate your skin.

2. Prevent Water Damage

With the creation of soap scum, this can seriously put a dent in the cleanliness of your washing machine’s water. The minerals from the hard water can build up on the inside of your washing machine and decrease its overall efficiency and functionality. Due to hard water’s inability to mix with detergent, this can lead you to put more detergent than needed with each load. This creates even more soap scum, and can cut the lifespan of your washing machine faster than anticipated.

3. Save Money 

Washing machines are already expensive as they come, so why would you spend even more on one after purchasing it? Investing in a water softener for your washing machine can save you a lot of money down the road. First, you won’t have to keep purchasing new clothes and towels. Soft water actually preserves your laundry and can extend their usability. With each load of laundry, you will actually use less detergent because of the soft water’s ability to mix with cleaning products. Your clothes will feel clean and soft with every load, and you won’t have to worry about soap scum buildup, ultimately extending the lifespan of your washing machine.

Doing laundry can get to be a chore, and hard water can make it even more so. However, hard water doesn’t have to be a permanent, uninvited guest in your home. At Guardian Water Services, our trustworthy team of experts will help ensure you and your family have the cleanest, softest water possible. By scheduling your free water quality demo, you can take the first step to ensuring the quality of water for your washing machine is always high. Keep your clothes clean and colorful, protect your washing machine, and don’t wash your money away!