Whole house water filter and purification system for Tampa, Florida homeowners

Whole Home Water Filtration System Tampa

Guardian Water’s whole home water filter provides cleaner, healthier water for your home.

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About Florida's Hard Water

The city water in Tampa comes from various sources. The water for Tampa Residents is supplied by the Hillsborough River nearby. The city’s Aquifer Recharge and Aquifer Storage and Recovery System supplies more water when needed.

A significant part of city water in Tampa, Florida is hard water. It can have an unmistakable and terrible taste — and whether you’re drinking it, cleaning with it, or washing in it, the consequences of hard water can not be exaggerated.

Since water issues fluctuate across the state, so does the water quality in Florida. Your Tampa Guardian Water Services Water Expert can test your water to decide any issues, and give the most effective way to address them.

We proudly serve Central Florida

Service areas near Tampa include:
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A complete home solution to common water issues in Tampa

Tampa’s drinking water is a blend of groundwater, surface water, and desalinated seawater and has the potential to come into contact with contaminants and impurities.

Because Tampa has hard water, the only treatment is disinfection and aeration. Chlorine is used in this process, which can affect the taste of the water. Hydrogen sulfide needs to be removed before drinking.

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We have the solutions for your Water Quality Problems in Tampa

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Bad Tasting Water

Bad Tasting Water

Normal Tampa drinking water is treated with chlorine for disinfection purposes. While the water is clean and safe to drink, it may have a bad smell or taste from chlorination. Water pumped from wells can have high levels of manganese. This naturally occurring element can have a negative effect on your water, giving it an unpleasant taste or smell.

Lime Build Up Florida

Lime Buildup and Colored Water

Limescale is a hard, off-white buildup that forms on many household items due to the dissolved minerals in hard water. Limescale can cause:
Sediment and scum on kitchen appliances and bathroom sinks and tubs. If lime buildup is leaving you frustrated a whole home Guardian Water filtration system can help.

White Scale

White Scale

White scale rings around bathtubs and sinks
Clogged showerheads
Whitescale buildup inside heating and cooling units
Chalky deposits found on kitchen faucets

Tampa Homeowner Benefits

A Whole Home Water Filtration System from Guardian Water Services Tampa gives you:

Brighter Laundry
Sparkling Dishes
Softer Hair and Skin
Longer Lasting Appliances

Experience the Guardian Advantage

The Best Home Water Filtration System for Tampa Homeowners

Trustworthy Water Services

Trustworthy Team

There’s a bit of a bad reputation in the whole house water filter industry. We are here to change that. Our team members are trained to earn your respect and trust through industry knowledge.

Quality Water Treatments

Quality Guarantee

While our equipment is of the highest quality in the industry, we still offer a lifetime warranty. And we are on call if you ever have a concern about the performance of your whole home water filtration system.

Highly Rated

Highly Rated

Our reviews on Google speak for themselves and our accreditations with multiple water quality associations proves we know our industry inside and out.

Community Focused

Community Focused

We partner with multiple organizations, businesses, and nonprofits by donating our time and money to causes that impact Florida communities.

Guardian Water Services Ratings & Reviews

Honest prices and great customer service!

Everything was very easy! Honest prices and great customer service do what is needed to help customer at every turn. Professional installers who explain everything to you. Just a wonderful experience all the way around. Highly recommend Guardian Water Services.

— Alex Carry
Google Reviewer

The installation was flawless!

We cannot say enough good about the experience we had with Guardian Water Services. gave us knowledge about softeners when we had none. John worked with us and made sure we had the right product. The installation was flawless. The water taste is very good! Very pleased Thanks.

— Arnold Perry
Google Reviewer

Very satisfied with the professional setup of my water softener!

These guys are fantastic. Customer service at its best. Friendly and courteous, sometimes hard to find these days. One on one service, to find what fits your needs. Very satisfied with the professional setup of my water softener and reverse osmosis system. Everything was explained and answered any and all questions. Highly recommend Guardian Water Services.

— Margo Jimenez
Google Reviewer

Professional in the installation, testing, and delivery of the system

I selected Guardian Water Services over two other contractors for a water softener system install as their estimate was more competitive and more professionally conducted. was thoroughly professional in the installation, testing, and delivery of the system. I can only recommend and encourage others to utilize their service.

— Rande Toni
Google Reviewer

Whole Home Water Filtration System FAQs

What maintenance is required?

The computer controls allow for minimal maintenance, mainly just to make sure there is enough salt in the brine tank so the system can clean itself. That’s it!

How long will the system last?

Because of the advanced cleaning process, our systems do not need to be replaced for many, many years. They are designed to last between 20 and 25 years, with most lasting much longer than that.

What happens during a hurricane or flooding?

Our systems are made to withstand Florida weather – including hurricanes and flooding. If there is ever an issue with the performance of our systems, we are only a call away.

Is Florida’s water really that bad?

Florida’s water is safe to drink. We do not claim you are going to get sick drinking the water. Buying a complete home water refiner is about water quality – not water safety. If you want clean, refined and softened water throughout your entire home, then our systems are for you.

Are your systems only available to homeowners?

No, we can sell and install our systems to renters as well. But, we cannot offer financing to renters because they do not own the property.

Is the system portable. In other words, can I take it with me if I move?

Yes, our systems are portable and can make the move with your family. Our professional installers can remove and reinstall your system whenever you need to.

Where is your equipment manufactured?

We are partners with the Westinghouse Electric Corporation, who manufactures the Westinghouse Water Refiners – Dynamic Series we sell. Learn more about Westinghouse.

Will my water taste salty?

The technology that removes the hardness from your water does produce salt, but our four step filtration process eliminates any remaining sodium in the water to ensure your entire home has clean, tasty water on tap.

Who installs the system?

We provide professional installers to get your system up and running in no time. This means you can rest assured your system is installed and programmed to run efficiently for years to come.

What happens when the power goes out?

Each of our systems have a backup capacitor to keep the system running when the power goes out. Less sophisticated systems only provide batteries that have to be charged annually.

Do you offer financing?

Yes, we have flexible payment plans to make our products more affordable. When you schedule an in-home water quality demo, we can discuss your options for payment.