4 Washing Machine Descaler Tips

Avoid rust stains from washing machines with whole house water filters

Have you ever grabbed your laundry to discover mysterious brown or tan spots on your favorite, white shirt? You think back to the last meal you ate while wearing it, but you know there’s no way you could’ve dropped food all over your shirt. No, you’re not crazy – your shirt has rust stains. The culprit? Rust stains are caused by iron in your water or leaky pipes. How can you avoid these pesky stains from reoccurring? Here’s our top 4 tips to prevent rust stains on clothes.

1. Check for Leaky Pipes

Before working to remove the causes of the stains, you should eliminate leaky pipes as an option. Hire an appliance professional to come check your machine for an malfunctioning parts or easy fixes. Have the professional also check your water heater, as some old heaters malfunction and cause rust stains.

2. Use Proper Amounts of Detergent & Hottest Recommended Water Temperature

How much laundry detergent should you be using? The correct amount depends on the load and package recommendations. You’ll need to use more detergent if you water is hard. Hard water contains magnesium and calcium and is harder to lather with soap. This means your washing machine will have a harder time removing the dirt from your clothes and sending it down its drain. You’ll also need more detergent if your load contains more soil, or dirt. This varies with each load as well. As for temperature, the cooler your water temperature, the more detergent you’ll need.

Impacts of Hard Water on Entire Home

3. Swap Oxygen Bleach for Chlorine Bleach

As a temporary fix, perhaps while waiting for a water refiner installation, you can use oxygen bleach instead of your usual chlorine bleach. If there are even the slightest bits of iron in your water, the chlorine bleach will react and cause rust stains on your clothing. If you switch to oxygen bleach, the stains will not occur, as it doesn’t react with the iron in hard water.

4. Use a Complete Home Water Refiner

Targeting the hard water in your home is the most efficient way to eliminate rust stains. A water refiner removes the minerals that cause water to be hard, preventing the negative effects of hard water in all areas of your household. Water refiners remove ions of calcium and magnesium, and replace them with other ions such as sodium. With a trustworthy team, quality guarantee, and water quality association accreditation, Guardian Water Services is the perfect way to soften the water in your home. Our systems are designed to eliminate any worry of hard water, machinery and clothing rust, and limestone build up. Schedule a free home water quality demo and never worry about rust stains again.


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