4 Critical Components to a Whole House Water Filter

Whole House Water Filter for Healthier Family

If you are looking to refine, clean and soften your entire home’s water for years to come, there is no better solution than a whole house water filter with these four critical components:

1. Multi-Step Filtration

To refine, clean and soften your entire home’s water, it is necessary for your whole house water filtration system to have multiple filtration medias through which the water is treated. For the most advanced clean, your system should include these four separate filtration resin beds:

  • Granular activated carbon – traps and absorbs microscopic particles and organic molecules to remove any unsavory smells or tastes in your water. This includes chlorine, bleach, and disinfection byproducts created by municipal water facilities.
  • Ion exchange – these electrically charged resin beads attract hardness ions, such as calcium and magnesium, to provide softened water to your entire home.
  • Bacteria-inhibitor – by creating an electrochemical reaction solution, this media controls scale, bacteria, fungi and algae from growing in the system and contaminating your water.
  • Garnet filtration media – ensures the water entering your home is as clear as possible and free of sediment, as well as providing an even distribution of water flow.

2. Computer-Controlled Operations

When your whole house water filtration system is automatically controlled by a computer programmed to the needs of your home’s water, you can rest assured that quality and capacity are optimized and efficient. So no matter the contaminant levels or usage rate of your home’s water, your water refiner will stay at high-performance levels. The ecoflow regeneration, or self-cleaning process, in some whole house water filters uses this computer to control water flow and regenerant strength in order to maximize the efficiency of the cleaning process.

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3. Advanced Cleaning Sequence

Speaking of automation and cleaning, your whole house water filtration system should have an advanced cleaning sequence to ensure optimum filtering at all times. A seven step cleaning process, coupled with ecoflow regeneration and refined water brining come together to provide that advanced cleaning sequence. By using a low electric current to create a molecular reaction that produces a special cleansing solution, all bacteria growth is inhibited in your system. And when flushing out the resin beds, using treated water extends the life of the filtering media.

4. Backup Capacitor

The last critical component your complete whole house water filter should utilize is a backup capacitor. Should power be lost, you will still want to be able to access your filtered water. And with a backup capacitor, you will be able to do just that. Less sophisticated systems require batteries, which inevitably wear out if they are not charged annually.

When shopping for a whole house water filtration system, remember these four critical components and do not settle for anything less. While these systems are among the most expensive in the industry, the cost savings you will notice across your home will far outweigh the initial price tag. Along with an increased quality of life, which is immeasurable in dollar amounts, you will save money from not buying bottled water, using less soap products around the home, reducing your monthly energy bill with efficient appliances, and having less plumbing repairs. Schedule your in-home water demo with a Guardian water expert and receive a $50 retail gift card in return.