Are Water Softening Systems Actually Worth It?

Daughter enjoys cleaner, healthier water from water softener system

If you are considering getting a water softener installed in your home, you may still have some questions about whether or not a water softener is really as great as it sounds. For example, will it really save you money? Improving your water quality can indeed save you money in more ways than one, while also coming with other hidden benefits you might have not even known come from softer water. Here are three reasons water softening systems are actually worth the cost:

Longer Lasting Appliances

Home appliances can be expensive to replace or repair. So what if there was a way to extend the life and efficiency of them? By installing a complete home water refiner, the process removes the hard water minerals that can build up on the interior makeup of your appliances that run down their lifespan.

Hard water can affect your washing machines, dishwashers and water heaters, all costing hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to replace when they break down. Running soft water through your home will save you money by having to replace these necessities less frequently, and will also result in your appliances running more efficient than ever.

The Cost Savings Guide to Home Water Refiners

Plumbing Improvements

Another benefit of a complete home water filtration system is the effect it will have on your plumbing system. Because of the lime scale build up hard water can leave in your pipes, this can result in clogging and corrosion.

To avoid the hassle and expenses that come with plumbing maintenance, investing in soft water will help you save the money and stress. Soft water reduced the harmful deposits hard water leaves behind leaving you will cleaner, clog-free pipes.

Spend Less on Soap

Nothing adds up quicker than purchasing cleaning supplies and hygiene products. A whole house water filter will not only benefit the efficiency of your appliances, but will also make your soaps last longer because you won’t have to use as much. This means you will save the extra money that goes into frequently restocking all the soap used in your household.

As crazy as it sounds, the statistics speak for themselves. Soap reacts so well with soft water that you will use 50% less laundry detergent and 70% less dishwasher detergent. The chemical makeup of hard water makes it difficult to react with soap, making you use more of it and leaving soap scum behind on your skin, clothes, bathtub and everything it else it touches. You will also see the benefits softer water has on your hair and skin, leaving both feeling softer and silkier.

If you’re still not fully convinced that a water softening system is right for you, then see how much money you can save with our simple water refiner savings calculator. Here at Guardian Water Services, we are confident you will be satisfied with the results and benefits that come from initially our whole house water refining systemSchedule a free in-home water quality test to see what a complete home water refiner can do to improve your home’s tap water!


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