Invest in a Home Water Purifier

Child enjoys cleaner drinking water with whole home water filters

Water filters come in many forms. Some will only clean water where the point of use filter is installed, leaving the rest of your home with unfiltered water. Others will filter all the water that comes into your home. While this kind of filter will cost you more upfront, there are reasons why a complete home water purifier are a solid investment for your home and your family.

Save on Energy Costs

Installing a complete home water purifier will pay for itself in less than five years with the money you will save. Soft water removes the limescale build up that can block water flow in your pipes, therefore increasing the functionality of your plumbing systems.

Your water heater will also run more efficiently of soft water, saving you money directly on your monthly energy bill. Appliances that rely on running water will also last longer and won’t need to be replaced as often as when they run on hard water.

Feel the Difference

Those who have hard water running through their faucets and shower heads might not realize the effects the harsh chemicals found in hard water are having on their skin and hair. Hard water doesn’t easily dissolve soap, which may be the reason why you’re finding yourself using more and more soap to get the right amount of suds you want. Hard water also leaves behind a scummy layer of undissolved soap on your skin that can clog your pores.

The Cost Savings Guide to Home Water Refiners

Soft water dissolves soap at higher rate, meaning you use less soap and save money. It is also much more gentle on your skin, leaving your skin feeling soft and truly clean after a shower. Your hair will also feel softer and healthier after switching to soft water. The magnesium and calcium found in hard water prevents your shampoo and conditioner from penetrating your roots, leaving your hair feeling dry and damaged. With a softer water, your hair will feel lighter and softer because of how well it dissolves out all the shampoo and conditioner in your hair.

Provide Cleaner Drinking Water for You and Your Family

The tap water running through your faucets will typically come from a main source in your city, and will include large amounts of chlorine to keep it clean, but can leave a bad taste and smell in your water. When you invest in a complete home water purifier, the water running through all of your faucets will have reduced levels of chlorine leaving it better tasting, right at the convenience of your kitchen faucet.

Switching to a complete home water purifier can save you money in more places than one, give softer and healthier hair and skin, and can even provide clean, good tasting water from your faucet in your own home. If you’re curious to find out what the current quality of your water is, Guardian Water Services offers a complimentary in-home water quality test. Sign up today for one, and receive a $50 retail store gift card of your choice!