5 Home Hard Water Filter Installation Benefits

Man and woman enjoy benefits of whole house water filters

Whether you’ve just moved to Florida or have lived here for a while, the chances are good that you have noticed some issues with the hardness of your home’s water supply. It’s a common problem here and one that needs to be addressed for a variety of reasons. Hard water can damage your appliances, reduce the efficiency of the soap you use, and even affect the health of your hair and skin.

For that reason, many Florida homeowners make the decision to install a hard water filter for their home. You might be tempted to put it off as an unnecessary expense, but a home water filter is a worthy investment both for your family’s health and for your pocketbook.

1. Hard Water Filters Minimize Housework

Keeping a house clean and tidy is difficult enough even if you don’t have hard water – especially if you have kids. The last thing you want is to add work to your already-full schedule.

Hard water can cause water stains to appear on your dishes and laundry. It also causes mineral build-up in your shower, toilet, and sink, making them a challenge to clean.

When you install a hard water filter, you don’t get the stains and build-up that you might otherwise get. Your dishes will sparkle, your laundry will be truly clean, and wiping down the shower will be a snap.

2. Hard Water Filters Prolong the Life of Your Appliances

When you have hard water, mineral deposits build up in any appliance that uses water. That means that your washing machine and dishwasher can end up being less efficient than they would otherwise be – and you may end up having to replace them more frequently than you would if your water weren’t hard.

Appliances are expensive. Installing a hard water filter prevents your appliances from being damaged by mineral deposits and keep them running efficiently, saving you money in both the short and long term.

Water Filtration How to Get Clean Soft Water

3. Hard Water Filters Increase the Efficiency of Soap

Few homeowners recognize that the amount of soap they use increases when they have hard water. In fact, if you have hard water and don’t install a home water softener, you’re likely to be spending money you don’t need to spend on:

  • Laundry detergent
  • Dish detergent
  • Shampoo
  • Bath soap
  • Shower gel

These might not be big-ticket items, but their cost does add up over time. Ultimately, wouldn’t you rather spend that money on a night out or a family vacation?

4. Hard Water Filters Protect Your Plumbing

Hiring a plumber is expensive and it’s something you’d probably rather not have to do. If you have hard water, though, the chances are good that you’ll have to call a plumber to deal with the build-up of mineral deposits in your home plumbing system.

The right home water filter can prevent minerals from accumulating in your pipes and minimize the amount of money you have to spend on plumbing repairs.

5. Hard Water Filters Help Your Skin and Hair

You might not give much thought to the effects that hard water can have on your skin and hair, but it’s important to know the truth. Showering or bathing in hard water can your hair to dry out and lose its natural shine. It may even cause or exacerbate dandruff.

The same is true of your skin. Skin washed in hard water may be dry and appear dull. By contrast, when you install a home water softener your hair and skin will look and feel their best.

Installing a hard water filter like the Guardian Water Services water refiner in your home can help reduce your workload, save you money, and improve the appearance of your skin and hair.

To find out if a home water filter is right for your family, contact us to sign up for your free water quality demo today.


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