4 Ways to Test For Hard Water in Florida

Get a Hard Water Test After Relocating to Florida and avoid hard water with a home water treatment system

Many people move to the sunshine state to retreat from frigid winters and enjoy summer year round. Florida is full of beautiful beaches, great history, but it is also full of hard water. Florida has some of the hardest water and if you aren’t used to it then it can be a major adjustment. After relocating to Florida having a hard water test should be at the top of your to-do list. How do you get a hard water test?

1. Check With Your City

Prior to moving you have to call to set up your water and electric anyway. While on the phone discuss with your city what kind of water you can expect, if they have any sort of maintenance assistance, or if they provide a water test. If you’re under a municipal water supply get in contact with your city’s Superintendent of Water Department and discuss your water quality. If you’re under a private well you’ll have to test your water yourself with some of these other options.

2. Water Bottle Test

One very inexpensive method to testing your home for water hardness is the water bottle test. You’ll need a clear, empty water bottle and liquid soap. Here are the steps:

  1. Fill the clear water bottle with water from your sink tap.
  2. Add 10 drops of liquid soap into the container. The best soap to use is a liquid hand soap.
  3. Place cap on the bottle and shake vigorously.

After this test you will be able to determine your water hardness with the amount of suds. The more suds means the softer the water. If after the first ten drops there aren’t any suds, add ten more. Repeat this process until suds produce. The more soap it takes to produce suds the harder your water is.

The Complete Checklist for Testing Florida Water Quality

3. Purchase an At Home Test

There are many options when purchasing an at home test. Prices can range and tests can be purchased online or at a local hardware store. The benefit of these tests is that they are inexpensive and provide you with strong results. The downside is that you may not be an expert and have to find a solution on your own.

4. Contact a Water Filtration System Company

The benefit of contacting the professionals is that they’ll test your water for free and provide you with a solution. With Guardian Water Service they’ll come to you and provide you with a free in-home water test, a $50 gift card, and provide you with a resolution to your hard water dilemmas.

Utilizing these local professionals takes another burden off of your already stressful move. At Guardian Water Services, our systems are installed by trained professionals and we are only a call away if something does arise with maintenance. Give us a chance by scheduling a free in-home water test!