Soften Clothes Without Fabric Softener

Soften Clothes with a Home Water Softener system

Synthetic fabric softeners do their job well but are also horrible for the environment, our bodies and our wallets. Wondering how to soften clothes without the use of harsh

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chemicals and artificial scents? Here are four simple ways to do so. Your clothes will thank you in the future when they continue to live longer, softer lives.

Option 1: Baking Soda

Using baking soda as a natural water softener is something that many people swear by. All you have to do is add ½ a cup of baking soda to your washing machine and let it dissolve in the water before adding the clothes. The baking soda works as an inhibitor to the minerals present in hard water, therefore they won’t have any effect on the clothes that come in contact with the water. Baking soda is also very affordable and harmless to the environment, especially since you’ll only be using a small amount in each load of laundry.

Option 2: Dryer Balls

Another way to achieve softer clothes without the adding unnecessary chemicals into the equation is with dryer balls. This method is virtually free, after you make the one time purchase of the dryer balls of course. You could also use household objects like tennis balls or other rubber balls, as they would have the same effect on the clothes. This process is simple enough since the balls are just fluffing the clothes as they dry, making them feel softer to the touch. This method should not be used when drying delicate items however, because the friction created in the dryer could damage them.

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Option 3: Vinegar

Vinegar has also been known to have the same effect on clothes as baking soda. Some people have found that it doesn’t work as well and can have a negative effect on some synthetic fabrics. If you would like to attempt it, be sure to test it on small areas of fabrics to see whether or not it will harm your clothes. Once you decide to move forward with it, simply add one cup of vinegar to your washing machine and experience the softness it leaves behind.

Option 4: Soft Water

By far, the most effective way to get softer clothes right out of the laundry is to simply wash them in soft water to begin with. Not only does it prevent hard water minerals from clinging to your fabrics, it also allows the laundry detergent to clean more efficiently. This allows you to use less detergent when washing your clothes, saving you money and preventing a buildup of excess detergent from staying in the fabric fibers. A complete home water refiner can also benefit many other aspects of your home’s water use, creating a win-win situation.

In the end, it all comes down to whether you want a permanent alternative to fabric softener, through a water refiner, or a temporary fix, like baking soda, dryer balls or vinegar. Using soft water is definitely the gentlest on your clothes and the kindest to the environment. If this sounds like the right solution to you, contact Guardian Water Services to set up your free home water test and receive a $50 gift card to Target, Amazon or Lowe’s.