3 Cost Benefits of a Water Purification System

Women enjoy cleaner water and cost savings from home water softener system

Installing a complete home water purification system can have numerous cost benefits in the long run. Many of these benefits are obvious, but some of them can save you money in ways you never would have thought were possible. Between buying bottled water, repairing household appliances, and spending extra money on soap, using unfiltered tap water in your home is inconvenient and can get extremely expensive over the years.

1. Ditch Those Expensive Water Bottles

The fact that you will not need to buy bottled water anymore is probably the most obvious way a water purification system can save you money. Imagine getting thirsty and walking over to the sink to fill up a cup with pure, clean water. It really is as simple as that when your home is equipped with a water purification system. According to Money Crashers, Americans tend to spend an average of $1.21 per gallon on bottled water. When compared to the cost of tap water at $2 per every thousand gallons, bottled water is 600 times more expensive. Not only will you be able to stop spending money on bottled water, but you will also be protecting the planet from unnecessary plastic waste.

2. Avoid Broken and Inefficient Appliances

Believe it or not, hard water takes a serious toll on household appliances. Buildup from the minerals present in hard water can clog up appliances, like refrigerators, dishwashers, and washing machines. You appliances may not be operating as efficiently as they could when supplied with filtered water. This can eventually lead to costly repairs and the inconvenience of waiting for a repairman for hours on end.

Refrigerator repairs can cost anywhere from $200 to $400 depending on what the issue is. Dishwasher repairs can range from $100 to $200 and washing machine repairs can get even more costly at $120 to $500. Also, consider your entire home’s plumbing – it can cost any where between $5,000 and $7,000 to replumb an entire home if you have hard water problems.

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3. Save on Suds for Clothes, Dishes and Showers

Hard water is also costing you more by lowering the cleaning power of the soaps you use every day. This is an inconspicuous threat posed by hard water; many people are unaware this is even possible. The soaps we use on our bodies, dishes, and clothes are usually made from oil. The oil acts as the cleaning agent while other compounds in the soap dissolve in water and allow the soap to be rinsed off once it has done its job cleaning. The minerals present in hard water do not allow for the soap to be rinsed, leaving a buildup of soap wherever it is used. Hard water also prevents the soap from lathering up, causing you to use more soap than necessary. In fact, up to 75 percent of the soaps you buy get washed away without even being activated due to hard water.

In the end, there are countless reasons why filtered water reigns supreme to unfiltered water. Hard water’s costly nature just tends to stand out the most. Think you are ready to say goodbye to hard water and hello to clean, filtered water? Schedule a free home water test appointment with Guardian Water Services today and receive a $50 gift retail card in return! In the meantime, check out our savings calculator to see how affordable our complete home water refiner could be for your family.