5 Water Test Facts to Know Moving to Florida

Water filtration system for Florida homes

Whatever your reason may be for moving to the Sunshine State, chances are you’re probably well aware of the never ending sunshine that comes hand in hand with the nickname. And along with the long, hot summers and year-round beach days, comes the need for constant hydration here in Florida. With plenty of clean, good tasting drinking water a must for any Florida resident, it is important to learn about where Florida’s drinking water comes from, what is in it and how it affects you and your family. Here are five things to know before moving to Florida that water quality testing have given us about the state of our water:

1. Groundwater is the source of drinking water for 90% of Florida residents. 

This means the drinking water is sourced from both rain and storm water and from places susceptible to limestone exposure. Because groundwater can mean a variety of different places and sources, it is hard to pinpoint where and what exactly is in our water. But because of what lays underneath Florida, our drinking water is highly vulnerable to contamination.

2. Florida residents have voiced their concern for their water quality. 

In a survey conducted with more than 1,200 Floridians, results showed that concerns about quality water are rising, in particular in response to the offshore drilling taking place in the Everglades and pollution runoff into one of Florida’s biggest bodies of water: Lake Okeechobee. In fact, 72% of respondents to the survey are in favor of passing stricter water-quality rules.

3. Agricultural chemicals have become an increasing problem with Florida drinking water. 

Due to high agricultural activity in Florida, harmful pesticides, in particular ethylene dibromide (EDB), have been found in Florida wells. The consequence of the agricultural run off into our water is that main cause of the increasing amount of algae bloom Florida has seen in recent years, which can produce harmful toxins wherever they occur.

The Complete Checklist for Testing Florida Water Quality

4. Florida residents have complained about drinking water tasting bad. 

According to, Florida is among the top 10 worst states for tap water. Due to the high levels of sulfur found in Florida drinking water, the result is foul tasting water for many Florida residents who consume the drinking water straight from the local aquifers and wells.

5. New rules regarding water quality have caused high controversy concerning how safe it is to drink. 

Because of the recent attention water quality has received in Florida, the local government has taken new action to update water quality regulations. Unfortunately, these changed haven’t received a positive reaction from environmentalists. They are claiming these new rules will allow more chemicals into drinking water sources here in Florida, including higher levels of carcinogens and chemicals disrupting the natural state of Florida’s water.

How to Take Action

The best way to take preventative action against the condition of Florida’s drinking water is to install a whole house water filtration system into your home. While point of use filters are useful for filtering the tap water coming from your sink, you are still allowing contaminated water to enter your home through your showers, bathroom faucets, and through your plumbing systems.

When you install a whole house water filtration system with Guardian Water Services, you are not only going to sleep better at night knowing your family is consuming safe, decontaminated water, but you will also enjoy the many other benefits that come along with our four media water refiner. You’ll be able to:

  • Notice softer skin and hair from the soft water getting filtered into your shower
  • Reduced hard water stains on your dishes and appliances
  • Save money on cleaning supplies by using less soap

As you prepare to unload the moving truck, don’t wait to take the first step to safer, better tasting water for your home and family. Schedule your free water quality test today and receive a $50 retail store gift card just for letting us come out and show you what’s in your water. You won’t regret investing in peace of mind when you upgrade to a whole whole water refiner with us at Guardian Water Services.