Water Quality Testing

5 Water Testing Tips After Moving to Florida

If you’ve recently moved to Florida, the chances are good that you’ve heard something about the need forwater testing in your new home. Water here tends to be heavily mineralized – a condition also known as hard water. The minerals in the water can be harmful in a variety of ways, both…

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5 Reasons to Get a Water Hardness & Purity Test

There are lots of things to love about living in Florida. We have great weather, beautiful beaches, and friendly people. However… we also have issues with our water supply. It’s nearly impossible to get through a conversation with a Florida homeowner without talking about water. Whether you’re a…

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4 Ways to Test For Hard Water in Florida

Many people move to the sunshine state to retreat from frigid winters and enjoy summer year round. Florida is full of beautiful beaches, great history, but it is also full of hard water. Florida has some of the hardest water and if you aren’t used to it then…

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5 Water Test Facts to Know Moving to Florida

Whatever your reason may be for moving to the Sunshine State, chances are you’re probably well aware of the never ending sunshine that comes hand in hand with the nickname. And along with the long, hot summers and year-round beach days, comes the need for constant hydration here…

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Find Your County’s Water Analysis Report

The best way to get accurate information about the drinking water in your area is to find the Florida drinking water analysis report that is required to be released to the public annually. Knowing where to find water reports, and more importantly how to read them, can give you crucial…

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